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Cute virgin Nataly receives a hard cock

Nataly was anxious to have her first ever sexual experience. She has been dating her boyfriend for about five or six months, and so far all he has done is felt her up a few times. He tried to sneak his hands up her skirt but she quickly put an end to that. For a while it seemed like he was never going to get into her pants. Then, one day, it suddenly happened. She out of nowhere just went ahead and grabbed his big, hard, bulging cock. She did not even tell him that she was ready to have sex with him, and that she wanted to take the next step or that today was going to be the big day. Once they were both naked she let the heat run through her body and she felt incredibly horny and could not keep herself from going down on him and eating his cock like it was her last meal. He pounded her pussy hard; it was a great first experience. She sucked cock almost like a natural and took a huge first facial cumshot. It was exhilarating!

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