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Jaqueline gets herself ready for sex

There comes a time in every young woman's life when she has to decide who is going to be her first. Most girls have plenty of suitors to choose from, and it is no different for Jaqueline. She is young and pretty with an amazing body and guys are always after her. She has done several naughty things with guys, but she has not yet gone all the way. She is waiting for the perfect moment, the perfect guy, the perfect night! Well, as we all know, perfection doesn't exist. The best we can hope for is to have fun during sex and enjoy it as much as possible. So when that time finally arrived, and she had a steady boyfriend who she loved, it was finally time to get busy! They chose a night and a place and he started off by caressing her boobs and then her thighs. Her panties were soon soaking wet and she did not understand why. It was the first time this had ever happened to her! All she understood was that she wanted his big dick inside her pussy right away! It just felt right, she could not deny it. The moment finally arrived and she not only enjoyed it deeply, but she experienced several orgasms, something that is not common among virgins having sex for the first time.


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